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Real estate is the backbone of the economy, and no more so than in the current climate. TKN is a new and agile law firm based in the North West of England, whose experts bring their long experience to solving clients’ issues.

TKN offers unrivalled experience of dealing with property issues in the West End and City of London, as well as in the North West.

Our clients value our ability to solve problems and conclude deals to respond to their requirements in these challenging times.

In cases where matters cannot be resolved by agreement, we have the expertise to obtain appropriate relief from the court.

The TKN team has wide ranging experience in:

  • Commercial property – development, sale & purchases and reverse premium deals including the tax and vat implications; as well as funding, landlord & tenant and planning.

  • Finance – mortgages, including forward funding when acting for developers, commercial loan agreements, and other securities.  Advising borrowers, banks, and other lenders, domestically and in other jurisdictions, as well as novel methods of financing.

  • Insolvency – dealing with not only disposals of properties, but also business and equitable interest claims, as well as the wide range of general problems that arise in connection with matters of this nature.

Contact us to learn more on: 0161 832 5000 or

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